Why Us?

We strive to achieve the optimal alignment between your wealth, values, and goals.

Our Philosophy

At Simplex, we provide every client with a customized financial plan and investment portfolio, as we strongly believe it is integral that your financial plan be aligned with your investment strategy in order to achieve financial independence.

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Investment Management

We are disciplined and thorough in our approach as we strive to provide our clients with consistent risk-adjusted returns.

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Financial Planning

We work closely with each client to design and implement a tailored retirement, tax, and estate planning strategy.

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Our Services

We provide a superior level of personalized service and expertise on an ongoing basis.

Cash Flow Management

Successfully managing one’s cash is essential in making sure one stays on course to meet their financial goals.

Asset Allocation

Identifying the proper asset allocation by taking into account one’s risk tolerance and time horizon is vital to successfully developing a diversified strategy.

Income Tax Planning

We help clients develop and implement appropriate strategies to reduce, affect the timing of, and shift either current or future income tax liabilities.

Retirement Planning

Our mission is to design a holistic financial plan that puts our clients in the best position to achieve their individual financial goals and remain financially independent throughout retirement.


We help clients determine the proper amount of insurance coverage (life, disability, long-term care, homeowners, automobile, umbrella, and earthquake) to ensure that their goals are still satisfied.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves the development of strategies for protecting your assets, distributing them according to your wishes, and otherwise providing for your family.

Affiliate Company, servicing client portfolios exceeding $10,000,000 in liquid investable assets.

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