1. How are you compensated for your services?

We are a fee-based advisory firm and charge based on the assets we formally manage. We do not generate commissions by selling any investment products so we are not influenced to provide you with any specific securities or products. This enables us to act objectively and in the best interests of our clients.

2. Do you have a minimum investment portfolio requirement in order to become a client?

At Simplex, currently we manage clients’ portfolio that are at least $1,000,000. Our affiliate company, Consilium Wealth Management, services client portfolios exceeding $10,000,000 in liquid investable assets.

3. Are you able to work with my existing and/ or refer me to outside professionals (estate planning attorneys, accountants, mortgage bankers, etc.) to help execute my financial plan?

Yes, we help facilitate the implementation and execution of your financial plan. We are able to work with both your existing professional relationships and/ or refer you to outside professionals in our network that have been fully vetted by the Simplex team. We help facilitate discussions between our clients and outside professionals to ensure that the plan is properly interpreted and fully understood by all parties. We do not receive compensation of any form from our professional network so our clients’ can be assured that there are no conflicts of interest in our recommendations or referrals.

4. Do you have historical information on your portfolio performance?

Since we customize each client’s portfolio to meet their specific needs and circumstances, we do not distribute performance information.

5. Do you custody clients’ assets at your firm?

No, we use an outside broker/dealer to custody our clients’ accounts and these companies are independent of Simplex. These third-party companies include Fidelity and TD Ameritrade.

6. Do you provide statements to your clients?

Yes, you will receive quarterly portfolio reports from Simplex. In addition, you will receive monthly statements and trade confirmations from the custodian.

7. What is the Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS)?

Investment advisors are required to provide you with Form CRS, as of June 30,2020. It provides information about the relationship between a client and investment advisor. Standardizing how information is provided raises the level of client understanding and lets you more easily compare offerings and services across the industry.

Simplex Wealth Management Form CRS